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The CEO Challenge is uniting corporate South Africa to raise funds that will empower and inspire the nation’s youth through education and sport.

Be part of the biggest corporate fundraising event in South African history and help shape a brighter future for our future leaders.

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The CEO Challenge Unveiled

Empowering the future of South Africa, one pedal at a time. The CEO Challenge is not just a sporting event, but a mission to make a lasting positive impact on children without financial resources. Here, CEO isn't just about business leadership. It stands for Corporate Empowerment Opportunities, a chance for South Africa's industry leaders to shape the future of our youth.

Pedalling for a Purpose

Every pedal stroke embodies a beacon of hope, a gateway to empowerment, and a pathway to opportunity.

The CEO Challenge transcends mere physical endurance; it's a journey towards changing lives. Through the funds raised, we illuminate the dreams of children without resources, offering them the priceless gifts of education and mentorship under the SA Hall of Fame Legacy Project.

The Legacy Project launched in 2023 in partnership with Pretoria Boys High School, and we have partnered with Maritzbug College in 2024. The initiative is transforming lives by granting full scholarships to deserving students, and by employing dedicated coaches from disadvantaged backgrounds.

As we pedal forward, the CEO Challenge seeks to amplify this impact. Each contribution, large or small, is a stepping stone towards creating a brighter future for talented children without resources. Taking part in the CEO Challenge is a commitment to nurturing potential and fostering excellence in our community.
Together, we can turn aspirations into achievements and empower a generation of leaders and changemakers.


Empowerment Partners of the CEO Challenge

Align your brand with a noble mission: As our partner or sponsor, you gain the opportunity to showcase your commitment to community growth, gain extensive visibility, and connect with South Africa's top Business Leaders. From event branding to media exposure, our partners enjoy a bouquet of benefits.


The CEO Challenge will be hosted on the grounds of the Nashua Head Office in Woodmead, Gauteng, during the week of the 9 - 13 September 2024.

The Challenge will take place inside the Challenge Studio “Fish Tank”:
A 50m² transparent cycling studio with a massive LED Digital Billboard with high visibility from passing traffic.
CEOs will be allocated a 25 minute cycling slot between 6am and 6pm from Monday to Friday.

The Challenge Studio is designed to draw attention from the public, to raise awareness on all media channels, and to promote transparency for all stakeholders.

Media & Coverage

CEO Challenge in the Limelight

From local print media to national television, the CEO Challenge is set to dominate headlines. Don't miss a moment as the challenge will be live-streamed on SA Hall of Fame TV, ensuring you're always in the heart of the action.


Curious about the CEO Challenge?

From understanding the core objectives to learning how to participate, discover answers to the most frequently asked questions about the CEO Challenge.

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DONATE to the cause

Every pledge, big or small, contributes to our goal, and your pledge contributes to supporting and empowering our future leaders.

Your contributions will help us empower youth across South Africa through education and sports.

To make a donation towards The CEO Challenge, simply complete your information here:


The CEO Challenge is a feature event for the 2024 calendar year with national participation and media coverage.

As our partner or sponsor, your brand will be aligned with a noble mission while providing your business with opportunities to showcase your commitment to community growth. Your business will benefit from associated marketing activities, while connecting you with South Africa's top business leaders.

From event branding to digital and traditional media exposure, our partners enjoy tangible value and return on their marketing spend, with a wide bouquet of benefits.


Join in the fun and cycle your 25min at the Nashua Head Office in Woodmead, Johannesburg, networking with business leaders, brands, celebrities, and the media while raising funds for talented children without resources.

Legacy Leaders are able to make financial contributions directly to the Legacy Project.

Contributions may be made EITHER as a Section 18A donation OR towards your SED Spend on your B-BBEE scorecard.

All Legacy Leaders enjoy additional value and benefits for their companies, including media coverage, PR, promotional, and networking opportunities.


Cycle your 25 minutes during September 2024, tagging us in your social posts to help drive awareness for our youth.

Your involvement helps to raise awareness and rally a community of leaders towards a common goal:

Raising funds for talented children without resources.

To accept The CEO Challenge, simply complete your information here: