ForAfrika is the largest African humanitarian and development organisation working for an Africa that thrives.

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CEO Announcement:
Isak Pretorius - ForAfrika Uniting for Change

Uniting for Change

Isak Pretorius, the CEO of ForAfrika and 2021 YPO Global Impact Award honoree, is not just a business leader; he's a change-maker. His journey with ForAfrika, an organization born from a profound encounter with poverty, is a testament to the power of transformative action. For Isak, raised amidst the stark realities of African refugee camps, understanding and addressing poverty has been a lifelong mission.

Continuing a Family Legacy

After the passing of his father, ForAfrika's founder Peter Pretorius, Isak stepped up to continue the legacy. For him, ForAfrika is more than a business; it's a community-driven mission, "owned" by every staff member working directly in the communities they serve.

Impacting Millions and Empowering Communities

Through ForAfrika, Isak and his team are impacting over 4 million people annually, saving lives, and empowering individuals with sustainable businesses. The organization's approach goes beyond mere aid; it's about building economies around individuals, offering not just immediate relief but long-term empowerment.

The Essence of Legacy in the CEO Challenge

The theme of legacy is central to Isak's participation in the CEO Challenge. He sees parallels between the objectives of ForAfrika, the South African Hall of Fame, and the CEO Challenge. All are united in their goal to inspire and empower youth in a holistic manner.

Hope: The Game Changer

Isak emphasizes that hope is a game-changer, an enabler of transformation. Tackling food security in Africa requires a nuanced approach, going beyond providing immediate needs to fostering economic ecosystems.

The Power of One: Changing Lives

The interview concludes with a powerful message: changing the world starts with changing one life. This philosophy resonates with the goals of the CEO Challenge and is at the heart of ForAfrika's mission.

Isak's story and vision offer a compelling insight into the potential impact of the CEO Challenge. His commitment to hope, legacy, and transformation embodies the spirit of the initiative.


Isak Pretorius

Group CEO ForAfrika | CEO Afriscope

About ForAfrika

ForAfrika is the largest African humanitarian and development organisation working for an Africa that thrives.

From initially only providing lifesaving nutritional relief in one country, the organisation has grown to deliver programmers across the Humanitarian, Development and Social Enterprise sectors in 8 African Countries – Angola, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Rwanda, South Africa, South Sudan, and Uganda.

ForAfrika was founded on Christian values, and it is with this fibre and heart that the organisation continues to serve our continent and our people without discrimination of race, religion, gender, political stance or any other form.
In partnership with their communities, ForAfrika removes barriers and restores the abundance of Africa to its people.

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